Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We Will Leave Next Week!

So Hello Minha Familia!

Our schedule got switched, so our P-day is Tuesday! We are getting re-assigned Wednesday, and I get to call home! So, we will leave next week, but there's a possibility we could leave on Saturday! I'm so excited and glad we are reassigned, instead of just waiting in the MTC.

Oh, and by the way, don't call the Brazilian consulate. I don't think you guys have, but I guess some peoples’ parents have, and they got mad. So yeah, anyways! Reassigned! And it's amazing, because if we didn't get our schedule changed, and our P-day changed from Friday to Tuesday, they wouldn't allow us to call home and say where we got reassigned, because we could just email home the next day. So that was incredible that that got switched! So yes, expect a call from me this week! It's only for five minutes though, so expect that as well haha. And also I get to call at the airport when I leave, so that will be later on.

I will miss my District a lot, we have gotten so close. I have learned so much from all of them…they are all so amazing. They really are top-notch people! They are very strong in the Spirit, and we are knit together in love for the Lord. The best is when we have Devotional review on Tuesdays and share our testimonies of what we learned and everything.

I am going to host again tomorrow! So that will be fun! OH, I almost forgot, thank you for the package!! I LOVE the pictures!!!! They are sweet. They are all carefully selected, I can tell, and perfect. I'm so glad I have those. Oh, and the sewing kit was a crack up hahahaha, because they have this free box in front of the bathrooms on every floor, and for service once, we cleaned them out and we kept some stuff. We kept laundry detergent and a SEWING KIT hahahaha. Well, I kept it. But I laughed so hard. That was a good joke!

So, something I learned this week in personal study, which is one of my favorite activities of the day, I studied about listening to the Spirit in the Book of Mormon. I read about Nephi and when he built the ship. I realized how much faith Nephi had. He was commanded to go up into the mountain and pray, and then the Lord commanded him to build a ship. And I know I would be thinking, why a ship, or how would I do that, or there's no way I can do that. But it is evident in Nephi's life that he always knows the Lord provides a way for each of His commandments. And that is where his faith is so strong. The first thing Nephi replies, without hesitation is, "where do I find the ore to build the tools?" He doesn't even ask, what's the first thing I should do? He thinks through it himself first and thinks, I will definitely need tools to start this project, but this is where I need the Lord to help, I have no idea where to find ore. This is the process where we can receive revelation, we think through ourselves and do the best reasoning we can, until we don't know. The Lord has blessed us with reasoning power, and he has given us many resources. I know every time I have a question, I search the scriptures and Preach My Gospel! They answer my questions without fail, no matter what it is. I know it can answer everyone else’s questions as well! And that's what I want to tell people!

I love you all! Don't be afraid to email me a couple pictures every once in a while! Don't hold back with Lorenzo either. The picture in the photo album shows he has more hair! He's the best! I love you all so much! Thank you for teaching me by example. Talk to you this week on the phone! So, remember to answer the unknown number! I will try mom's cell phone first. I can talk for five minutes, but if I leave a message it counts as my call, so I won't leave a message. Talk to you then! If you want me to do anything different, send a Dearelder letter soon.

Elder Hoyt

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