Friday, April 19, 2013

Everything Is Going So Fast!

HEY MOM and DAD!!!

Yep, everything is going so fast! It is crazy! I feel like I have been here so long, though haha. I have seen Elder Guinn! I was so excited! I saw him in the cafeteria his first day, and again on his second day. He has my same schedule and lives in my same building, one floor below me!

I don’t have a culture class, but this teacher came in and talked to us for a couple minutes. He served in Recife, and he was telling us about it. He said that the people are the best part! Everyone is so nice there. He said it rains pretty hard there sometimes, and the food is really good. I guess the more north you go in Brazil, the more third-world country type of thing, but I guess the north has a lot more baptisms. He said he knew a Sister in his mission who got to an area that had been closed because there was nothing going on, and after four weeks she baptized for 33 weeks straight. No typo, 33. Pretty crazy haha! He said you have to take people you're teaching to Church at least twice before they can get baptized. And he said you have to work for it. So I’m excited! I’m ready to work! Can’t wait to get there. But chances are I will get reassigned because everyone is, but honestly I am excited about that too! Just excited to teach real people!

Yes, I sing with the choir every time, we sing at every Devotional on Tuesday. Last time we sang, “Nearer My God to Thee,” all four verses. The choir director is so funny too, he’s like a comedian. It’s a lot of fun. Oh, and last devotional Elder Richard G. Scott came and spoke to us about prayer. And he told us our calls are from the Lord, and the Lord has qualified us. And he said that the Lord won't give us anything we can't accomplish. He said we can remind the Lord that He called us, and that we need help from Him. But the answer to my prayer was that he gave us an Apostolic Blessing, and said if you are learning a foreign language right now, he promised that we will master it, if we rely on the Lord and learn the language with the intent to better accomplish the Lord's will. And that’s exactly what my companion needed to hear. It was an answer to my prayers.

We are hosting next Wednesday, so that will be fun…I missed hosting on Davin’s day by one week! And I consistently play volleyball in gym, the field isn’t open yet, or else I would like to play soccer. By the way, those shoes I have for athletics and service and stuff are perfect, thanks mom for the awesome choice! And yeah, in volleyball, I am actually getting a lot better haha, I mean I literally play everyday. We are good friends with the Samoans. I am sad because they are leaving next week, and it’s not going to be as much fun. I also did yoga last P-day haha. 

Something I have learned these past couple weeks, I don’t know if I have already mentioned this, but I really think it’s important to ask questions in the lesson. So, I am definitely working on that. I learn everything from Preach My Gospel, it has instructions for anything I have questions about in my life right now. I think to myself, I am not really sure what questions I should ask, though. I turn to Preach My Gospel and there is a section called "asking questions" haha. So, I like questions because it makes the person ponder, and the Spirit can teach them. And they also remember a lot more of what you’ve taught. If you ask them, for example, how can we receive answers to prayer? And then we teach them from the scriptures, and ask more questions! It’s kind of perfect, too, because we can’t speak much Portuguese, but I understand like a lot. So when our investigator speaks more, we can better figure out his needs, and we aren’t the ones speaking all the time. I know that Preach My Gospel is so inspired by Heavenly Father to help us. Everything about it is awesome and perfect. It has everything I need.

I know that I am here at the right time in my life, and I know the Lord has qualified me for everything I need to do. This helps me never to feel scared or discouraged. I seriously think that Water Polo was a big influence in my life. I was thinking back about how I think the Lord qualified me, and I thought of Water Polo. It made me so much stronger mentally. I was constantly pushing myself further than I ever thought I was able to go, and I was always doing it for the team. I didn’t want to let them down in the close games, even when I was so tired. And that’s exactly what it is like here. I get so tired here, and I know I’m going to be way more tired in the field, and the language is a challenge, and sometimes you miss the things you left home, but then I am able to think, there’s no way I can let the Lord down. He is counting on me to do this for Him! It gives me so much faith. I know I will be able to push myself and stretch myself as far as the Lord needs me to go. And I know He is helping me, and will continue to help me, as long as I am relying on Him!

I love being here, and I love learning all these things! I have learned more Portuguese in three weeks, than I did Spanish in three years. I know the Lord is helping me do everything I do. I love Him, and I wish I were able to comprehend all the blessings He gives me! I love you all! Thanks for your Dearelder Letters! They are sweet after a long day haha. I get all ready for bed, and then I read them! They’re the best. Love you guys :)

Elder Hoyt

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