Friday, April 26, 2013

I Will Get Re-Assigned Next Week!

Hello Family!!

Yes, I will get reassigned next week if no Visa comes. I will most likely get reassigned because there are so many people getting reassigned that are going to Brazil. People go to like New York, Boston, Texas, basically everywhere in the States, until their Visa comes. So, I’m hoping to get reassigned next week. I know the Lord will send me where He needs me, though, and I will go where He needs me.

Hosting on Wednesday was awesome! I only hosted one Elder. I halfway hosted a Sister because they were running out of Sisters to host. It was a ton of fun though! It brought back a ton of memories. I was assigned to host on number 21, where Lizz was dropped off. And it was sad to see all the families saying goodbye, like really sad. And I felt like we were the ones taking them away! The missionary I hosted was exactly how I was, though, just like not really there, like not fathoming what was going on, like everything was happening pretty fast haha. 

I’m not sure if Elder Frizzell left yet, I know he leaves soon. I have yet to get a picture with Elder Guinn, though. I see him pretty often, so I should be able to. I loved the letters from the Seminary class! Oh, and I got a big hymn book here, so probably just don’t worry about getting the mini one, but thank you! For some reason there is a shortage haha, I barely got the big one.

Nothing too exciting has happened this week. I got the package though! I love those watermelon things!! And there are so much Goldfish! haha thank you! I am going to be a Fisher of Men! Other than that, everything has been the same pretty much. I can’t wait to go, though, this has gone by really fast, so I’m trying really hard not to waste the last couple weeks. It is really easy to waste time because a lot of the preparation is up to you, a lot of it is on your own, except you always have the Spirit. I know the Spirit has helped me learn so much, mainly about the scriptures. I ask questions mainly during the lesson, and try to have the questions guide the lesson, I feel that is the best way to teach to the needs of the investigator. My teacher says he likes the questions I ask.

I figured out one of the type of questions I should ask is in, “How to Begin Teaching” in Preach My Gospel. It’s a question like, “what are you expecting these meetings to go like,” or “what do you want to learn from us?” At first, I was like that’s not really a super good question, but then I was reading Alma 18 and Ammon is talking to King Lamoni, and he walks in and says, “what desirest thou of me?” and he tells him he is his servant. And then he asks, “what do you want to know?” and the king wants to know where his power comes from. So, then he starts telling him about God, and how that is where his power is from. I just think that is so amazing, mainly because he had so much trust and faith in the Lord, that they were able to see the Lord's power through Ammon. I hope I can be like Ammon, and have the Lord work through me, as I do His work.

I know that is why I’m here. I am here to help. I know that no matter what happens, the most important thing is His work. It doesn’t matter how much success I have, as long as the Lord is working through me with His Spirit. I want to be the best missionary I can. I know the Lord is helping me, and will keep helping me. The Lord speaks to us through the scriptures, “ask ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened.” Questions are a great way to ask, and the scriptures are a great way to knock.

But it is from experience, that is another thing I know, the more we experience things, the more we can teach with conviction and with power and authority of God, with His Spirit. I CAN’T WAIT to get reassigned!! I think I will know by next week. 

Thanks for all the Dearelder letters, I will reply to those more in handwritten. Thanks for being there to support me always. In my interview with the Branch President, he said at the end that he knows that a mother’s prayer is one of the most powerful prayers, and that he knows my mom is praying for me. I said I know she is too, because I know you are, mom. I know you all are. I can feel it. How do you think I would have gotten where I am today without my mom's prayers? I love you all so much…Mom, Dad, Ryan, Carina, Lorenzo, Spencer, Lauren, Lizz, and the Savior, who loves us with perfect love. Love you all!!

Elder Hoyt

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