Monday, November 11, 2013



The time here is just flying. I feel like I was just here writing last week! Very weird! This week was splendid. We found a bunch of new investigators, and our Ward Mission Leader went with us to Condado on Saturday to meet all of his family, students of his English class, and a referral of another member. So it was sweet! We are really trying to get down there and get things going. I am super excited! 

This last week we had our first English class that I taught. I just kind of did the first one free style because I don’t have a book or anything. We only had one student though, and he is now a new investigator. He is 21 and his name is Diego. He knows a lot of the members already, and went to Church this last Sunday, and everyone welcomed him. He was asking me the name of the Prophet, and it all went great. We are going to teach him later this week, so we are excited. Church is really important for these people to see what it’s like. 

We have a young couple we are teaching, and they are part of another religion, separate religions actually, one is Catholic and the other is Evangelical. The first visit after we taught, they were trying to prove the Restoration wrong, not too aggressive, but just skeptical, but it happens sometimes. So I was thinking of how we can teach to the point where they can't help but pray and ask, and have a strong desire to know it’s true, and I thought---we just need to present it how it is. How glorious it would be if God called another prophet and restored all the truths that were lost. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this did happen? Well it did. So last visit we felt inspired to talk about eternal families. We said how we don't want more members in our Church so we can be the biggest church, and have the glory of men, but we are really here to bring messages of joy, that your family can be eternal, that through the restored priesthood that can be possible. They didn’t seem to have any objections, and I felt like that was what was right, what we did there.

Also Mom, I loved that you told your Seminary class about how you and Dad raised our family. It is exactly how Heavenly Father wants it. I want to raise my family how you raised ours. I really have such strong feelings for every single member of our family. I bear my testimony about our family all the time, and how it is through the Gospel and our Heavenly Father’s plan we can have the greatest joy in this life. Edna visited a family in our ward this week to help them move, they invited her to help. They just moved a couple streets over, but Edna said how she wants her family to be like that, all praying together and loving and everything. When she said that, I felt like I just wanted to stand up and yell---Let’s do it! We are here! We are showing you how!---I just got so excited, but it is hard because she doesn’t have a lot of support from her husband. They aren’t married yet, and she still needs to quit smoking. But we are going to go there and set goals with them, and talk about the family, and get them to do family prayer every night. It will be great. 

We also had a reactivation this week of a young woman. So, the Young Women's is still growing! I love Goiana. I could stay here my whole mission I think. I love the Branch and all the members. Everyone is so nice. I am best friends with all the members now. 

Thank you all for the emails. I love you all so much. I haven’t forgotten anyone. You guys are always in my prayers. And Edna prays for you guys too :) She says please bless the family of Elder Hoyt. I love you all!!!! Have a beautiful week, filled with uplifting experiences, and a positive attitude, and everything will go right.

Com Amor,
Elder Hoyt

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