Monday, November 18, 2013

I Love Goiana

Hello family!

I am doing so well here in Goiana. Our Ward Mission Leader went with us to Condado again to introduce us to his family. Last week we visited the sister of a member who lives there already. The member and our Ward Mission Leader introduced us, and she just loved us, but she travels a bunch and lives in Condado, so it’s hard to visit. Even though it will be hard to visit her again, I guess our visit had a bigger impact than we thought because she spoke with the wife of the member, Silvana, and told her how much she loved our visit. As a result of this, we now have an appointment with Silvana. She is the spouse of the member. We were able to mark a visit with her for this next week. She already has a lot of questions about the Church, and it’s going to be really good.

Also, yesterday while we were in Condado, we missed the bus, but the members were with us, and called another member for a ride...only a couple members have cars. Although missing the bus seemed like a problem, it turned out to be sweet. There was this guy next to us who missed the bus too, and the member offered him to ride with us. On the way, the member talked to him about who we are and everything. The guy was getting excited and started asking for us to visit him in Condado as well. He has a band and works a music shop in Goiana. The Lord really is directing us, and all these things have purpose.

The training is going well with Elder Jara. He is a great missionary, speaking very good Portuguese. Some of the hardest times are when people say they understand him better than they understand me hahahaha. So he is speaking very well, he learned really fast because Spanish is similar to Portuguese.

But I really love Goiana. I love all the members here. I think I could stay here for the rest of my mission! The members are great. They are helping us a ton. I am still super excited to be a missionary. I am really trying my best to fulfill the purposes of the Lord. I am grateful for you guys and your support. I love the emails. I love you all, and hope you have a grand week. I love Goiana...we will visit here in the future.

Elder Hoyt

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