Monday, October 14, 2013

What Else Matters?

Hello my great family! I just read all your emails! You guys are all great! 

Our friend Ellison got baptized this last Saturday! He is a great kid, 17-years-old. So, now everyone in the family is baptized except the parents, but the marriage papers our coming. He said, "I don't know if this will be easy, or if this will be hard, but I know it is right." I thought that was really inspiring, for my life as a missionary as well. It reminds me of the talk, “It's True, Isn’t It? Then What Else Matters?” Serving my mission, so far, and giving all my time, really makes me wonder a lot, what else matters? Just like Lizz said, “shouldn't the purpose of God be our number one purpose, since we are His?”

This week was my second to last week in training. The 12-week program required that I take control of all teaching and planning situations. So, it was a little bit different, it was great though. Something I have felt this week, is that I am so incredibly weak. I don't know why, it just came out of nowhere. It was not a bad thing. I didn't get discouraged or sad. I just felt so humbled because I am here in Brazil as a missionary, unable to speak, scared, just a kid, selfish, and then I realized everything I have been entrusted with, and how much trust God has in me. It is a lot of trust that God has in us. But I am glad I felt like this, I read about Paul in the Bible where he says he glories in his weaknesses because he knows the power of Christ is within him, when he is weak he is strong. Just like in Ether, we are given our weaknesses to be humble. I know I will be strongest when I put my trust in the Lord, and not in myself. After hearing General Conference, and just reading your emails, I really feel this desire to improve, and everything I need to change is made clear. It is just becoming more Christ like.  

I really want to be the best I can, I want to fulfill the mission Heavenly Father has sent me to do. I know He wants me to be happy here. I am trying hard to understand the language still, no matter how tired I get. I really want to be an instrument in the hands of God to fulfill His purposes. That is really my goal. I am so excited to be a missionary in these latter-days, especially when the work is hastening. I know this Gospel is true. I love it all, and the Plan of Salvation, and the perfection of it. It really is perfect. The more I understand, the more amazed I get.

This last weak I learned a little more about opposition and why there is opposition, and about the choices we make, and our free agency that was given to us, and is key for our eternal growth. I remember a talk I once heard, where the Plan is compared to driving a car...when Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, think of it as if they were in a car trying to drive, but the car was in neutral until they partook of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which brought about opposition in all things. Then they could move forward because there was such thing as backward. I think it is a really cool comparison, and really helps my understanding.

I am grateful for the trust that God has in each one of us. Also, for the love He has for us, and how much patience He has with us. I love you all, and I miss you all. The time here is really flying by though, these months are just going! I start a new month and it’s over! But I hope you all have an awesome week! Love you!

Elder Hoyt

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