Monday, August 19, 2013

I Finally Met A Jonas!

Cara Família!

So my week was sweet this time. Crazy story...starts off with this guy, his name is Jonas! I finally met a Jonas! So, we wanted to teach him after meeting him, while he was street vending fruit. He is actually friends with a couple members who sell nearby him. So, we were going to go teach him at his house, but his house was kind of far and hard to find, his phone was out of minutes, so he couldn't give us directions, and we aren't allowed to ride on the back of his motorcycle (which he wanted us to do). So, he led us to this bus type thing, more like an oversized van, with a ton of people and really crammed. We rode that while he rode his motorcycle, and then he met us near the bus stop, and took us to his house...very humble house made from brick, and the back half he made himself with mud and wood. We taught him a little, and then he wanted us to meet his family who lived next door with the same type of situation. So, it was hilarious because we were teaching his brother, and then all the rest of the family started coming in too, like his other sister, his grandparents and their neighbors, so we kept on re-introducing ourselves haha. It was awesome though.

Then we had a sweet experience yesterday. I lost the key ring that had keys to the house, the Church and everything...I usually don't lose anything, but it was raining, and I was in a hurry to change clothes for the baptism and everything, so they must have fallen from my pocket. I don't even know where I lost them, but I was pretty sure I lost them in the Church. So, we were searching and then I said a prayer for us, and minutes later we saw them sitting in the Bishop's office...he had found them earlier. I know it was an answer to prayer because I was sincerely humbled and sincerely needed help. I felt so bad for losing the keys, but it was a tender mercy.

I have definetely experienced the love of Heavenly Father. These past couples nights I have been listening to Conference Talks from the General Authorities. Hearing their powerful testimonies keeps me going and gives me strength. They truly are Apostles of Jesus Christ. I love them. They are like my angels that help me. President Holmes (Mission President in Michigan) gave me the Conference Talks on a CD, so that's what I use.

Yesterday at Church, we were bringing our family to Church and it was raining so hard. We borrowed two other umbrellas from members, and went back to get them. We brought two of them, and went back for the other two. The funny thing was the umbrellas were rainbow and pink polkadots, but we got them there semi-dry. My shoes were also soaked as of yesterday. All the people we have baptized are from this same family. This week we also baptized the sister. So, first was Eliton, then Edja, then yesterday was Edla.

The roads here are cobblestone mostly, main roads are asphalt. A lot of roads are just dirt, or the cobblestone is so dirty it is basically dirt. Most people sell things it seems, a couple people teach English in schools, mostly everyone works in little shops selling glasses and watches and things like that. 

My stomach has been fine now. When we are fed, it is always super nice and well prepared...some of the best lunches ever. The members always make us eat a lot. I am loving the food though, and the juice is my favorite.

The language is still improving I think! Pernambuco accent is really hard to understand. Thank you for writing me and praying for me, I love you all so much! Have a great week!

Com amor,
Elder Hoyt

View from my apartment

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