Monday, December 23, 2013

Feliz Natal!

Hello my family!

Wow, it is shocking to hear about grandma. (Grandma passed away December 22) That came up quick. I will miss her. But like you said, it is exactly right. It is sad to have her leave, but we know where she is. We keep watching this video, Together Forever with people. It’s an awesome video. I think you guys have seen it already...maybe we have it.

Everything is going well here. I’m excited to talk on Christmas with you guys! I think the Google Hangout will work out well. I wrote down the username and password. 

This week, we had an exchange with the Zone Leaders and I stayed here. It was super good, and I learned a lot from Elder Flemming. He is from California too, San Francisco, or around there. He speaks Portuguese really well, and teaches really well, so I saw things I need to improve.

We also got a new Ward Mission Leader, a returned missionary who just got home recently. He was a good missionary too. He is helping us get references from the members. He helped us get tons yesterday. A lot of times the members have references, and they don’t know they have them, so you have to ask about family and things like that, but it was sweet. He is super excited to work with us too.

For Christmas, we are going to go to a bunch of people’s houses and sing Christmas hymns, and spend some time in member’s houses. It will be really cool. I hope you guys have a good time in Utah, and I love you all! Merry Christmas!

Elder Hoyt

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