Monday, September 9, 2013

This Is All Going By So Fast!

Meus queridos! This is all going by so fast. I have just completed one transfer in Brazil! Our District stayed the same for this next transfer, so that's sweet. We are going to the Temple in Recife on Wednesday! It is pretty far away, so we will be taking buses for a couple hours, and it will be an all-day trip. We will be sleeping at another missionary apartment near there because the buses stop going after 5pm. So, today is a normal day, except we are writing emails.

Well, this last week was sweet. I have a very funny story that happened yesterday! So, we were eating lunch with the members, and I accidentally spilled some rice on the floor, and I was like---Oh no! I was wondering if I should clean it up, or leave it because no one saw. So, I decided to wait till after dinner to do something, but then towards the end of dinner, a little chick or pintinho (peen-cheen-yo) came into the house, and ate most of the rice hahahaha. I loved it! The door was open and there were a lot of chickens outside the house, so he just came in. No one had a problem with it hahaha. So that was great!

We also painted a house this last week. Our Bishop got in a motorcycle accident, he is a moto taxi driver. He is all right, but he is cut up, so the Elders quorum and the missionaries painted his house. The paint is really different here, it was sweet though.

On Saturday, we baptized Joyce and Mariana, they are 12 and 13. I baptized Mariana, and Elder S baptized Joyce. He confirmed them in Sacrament meeting yesterday also. 

I really liked what you said about confidence in the Lord. I have been thinking about that lately, too. For me, it has been a struggle because I had no confidence in myself with my ability to speak Portuguese, and I realized that's not what I needed. Something Lizz helped me realize was the Lord could have me say whatever or do whatever He wanted, if it was needed. So, I needed to trust in Him that He would help me. I was relying too much on myself, and it was weak. And really, it is all pointing to pride. We need to recognize the hand of the Lord in all things. 

I love the story of Nephi going back and getting the plates. Nephi is so amazing because he always remained faithful, no matter what. His trust in the Lord was firm, through everything...the plates, the broken bowbuilding the shipbeing tied up by his brothers. Each time he trusts in the Lord and never murmurs. I have been studying about the conversions of the Prophets, and how they relate. Something I noted is that the person always has a desire for the welfare of their brethren. Enos immediately had the desire for the welfare of his brethren, same with Alma the Older, and Alma the Younger and the Sons of Mosiah. They in turn brought the truth to thousands of others. I love the Book of Mormon and receiving personal revelation. 

I love the scriptures. I love the lesson Alma taught to his son Helaman. He said the words of Christ are like the Liahona was for Lehi and his family. It worked according to their faith and attention they gave to it. It led them to the Promised Land. The words of Christ can lead us from a valley of sorrows into eternal joy and happiness. It was the same with the Children of Israel, where all they had to do was look and live. All we have to do is read, and the words of Christ will tell us all things that we should do...ALL things, is powerful. So that was very enlightening.

I am so grateful for all the support from my family and for all the prayers, and for fasting for me. My stomach has been fine this week as a result. I am so glad to be here on my mission. It is going by so fast already. I have learned so much, and I can say that the mission is the best experience of my life. I have never grown so much spiritually. I love you all, I will talk to you next week!

Elder Hoyt

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