Monday, July 22, 2013

Rats in the Basement


So, my interview with the President went well! He didn't say anything about the Visa, and I asked his wife, and she said that three people have gotten their Visas, but it wasn't my District or me, so we will have to see. I'm really on a roller coaster here with the Visa thing. It's like being in limbo. But I asked him about teaching with the Spirit, and he shared with me some awesome experiences about it, and I realized that I need more humility. So, I have been working on that, and being more thankful, and seeing the good in people. It is really a challenge to change what is on the inside, you know? Like when you open the door to the basement and the rats run and hide. The rats are there and you can hide them, but the real goal is to get the rats out completely. It’s the same thing with our lives. So when you get impatient and react to something, you say---well, if that didn't happen, I would not have acted like that. But that is like saying---if they didn't open the basement door so fast, then the rats would have had time to hide. It is our true character that we have to work on.

I really liked your thoughts on the Sacrament and the relationship between the Savior and us. That is a great insight. It makes me happy to hear about your thoughts, and how you pondered on that. It really gives me strength to hear your testimonies.

This last week was really good. We had a member go with us to a couple lessons, and he is a really good member-missionary. He bore a powerful testimony, and taught so well that the investigator said he needed to come to Church. So he was there yesterday! He loved it, and he noticed how simple the Church building is. He said since there are no decorations or distractions, he is able to think about the Savior and God a lot easier. He is great! We are going to see him again this week. 

So, the best miracle we had last week was pretty crazy. We hadn't had too many lessons to start out the week, and then on Thursday, we were doing "bike for baptism," so everyone in the mission bikes, and tries to find new investigators and talk to everyone. So, even though that day we had the most appointments we have ever had scheduled for one day, we biked! So we were going everywhere, and it was so hot and super humid. And I think all of the appointments we had weren't home, BUT we found other people and taught them instead! So, in the end we taught more people than we had planned for, even though we had planned for a lot! Then we biked again the next day, and again and again, hoping it would happen again. But I just thought it was very cool because we could have said---well, we have too many appointments, and we didn't know we would have to use bikes, or it’s way too hot and our appointments are spread too far apart---but we did it anyway!

I wanted to give you my testimony...I know that prayer is two-way communication with Heavenly Father. The more we pray with real intent, and all the energy of heart, the closer we will feel to Heavenly Father. Prayer is the only way we can receive knowledge of spiritual truths. Prayer is how we receive revelation. I know that God leads The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints through His servants. I love you all, thank you for all the support.

Elder Hoyt

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