Monday, June 10, 2013

The Visas Are Coming!

Hello Family,

Wow! I'm having a blast this week! So, yes I moved, my new address is:

40548 Douglas Drive, Apt. # 204
Canton, Michigan 48188

Sorry I didn't get to that last week! I don't think I'll be leaving for a little while. Sister Remy from my District got her Visa, so she is leaving the 17th of this month. She is in Detroit with me, and I saw her at Zone Conference. Also my companion from the MTC emailed, and said he got his Visa also, and should be leaving soon. So the Visas are coming!

And thanks so much for your email...when you quote me it makes me feel special! I love you Mom. This lady gave a talk in Church yesterday about families, and she said she received revelation to tell her son that she loved him every single day. And I thought, you know what, my mom did that. Then I remembered everything you have done for me! You showed me so much love, I cannot describe. I will always be in debt. You and Dad both have. I remember that you always told me how much you loved me, and you wanted to read the scriptures with me, and you wanted me to do the right things, but you never forced me. You always loved me into everything. And that is one of the greatest lessons I have can never force people to do things. There are so many things I learn everyday.

But, here we are in last week Elder B and I read this talk, or this experience about a missionary, it inspired us. Basically, our lives are about to change. So, like I was talking about the pureness of heart, this past week we have been learning about purifying ourselves and sanctifying ourselves and having real growth. So first, we need to take a look at ourselves, to know the true desires of our hearts and who we is what you do when no one is looking, it is also what you think when you don't have to, or what you would do if you were alone.

Missionary work is work, but I realize that I need to purify myself, if I am to experience the fullness of joy that I have ever felt in my entire life, then this is the only way. I need to be purified through the love and the atonement of Jesus Christ. When you pray and ask for Heavenly Father to help you remove the things that distract you, and tell Him to take the heart you have, to change your desires, to give you a new heart and fill you with the Spirit of the Lord, you will have the fullness of joy, and the gifts of the Spirit that will make you become something Heavenly Father wants you to be. What He wants us to be is more than we can ever imagine. With His help, we can become full of love, patient, and we can desire everything good, and lay hold upon every good thing. We can have the ability to literally treasure up the word of the Lord in our hearts, so that we can live by every word that proceedeth forth from the mouth of God. Once we are filled with the Spirit, and have desires to do all good, and to lay hold upon every good thing, we are on the path of being purified.

I am on this path, and I am so excited to become the most effective missionary I can be, because that is what I want, and I know the Lord will grant it to me because it is my true desire, and because of my faith. I know He can change my desires because He has done it before. I am so excited and I can feel the Spirit so much stronger every time I talk about this. I know that eventually I will love all aspects of missionary work, no matter what continent I'm on. I know that this will change my life, and that the Spirit will be poured out upon me. I will experience the most joy in my life that I have ever experienced.

I love you all. I love our family, and it is so nice to look back and remember how much love there is in our family. Thanks for teaching me, and loving me, and showing me the way. Elder B and I are doing great, and we are getting some more appointments, and trying to help the member missionary work. Thanks for all the support...I love you all!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Hoyt

Detroit Michigan Mission ring

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